update log
sep 12 2022 total revamp !! tysm everyone for 25k visits <33 removed tutorials but added more items in each section
jan 21 2022 new layout !!! also please give a warm welcome to bunnie our new admin !! <33
jan 8 2022 more graphics !!!! woooooooo :D happy new year everyone
dec 16 2021 new layout! | added cbox, some tutorials, (misc) graphics, & fonts !!
dec 4 2021 tysm everyone for 300+ visits !! added some new graphics & fonts! <3
nov 27 2021 carrd is published !! enjoy the codes <3 expect some more graphics, fonts, & tutorials soon

about the owner
hii !! im inés or xochitl & i am the creator + current co-owner of gardenia ! i use cel/cels pronouns + tmb hablo español si ocupas ayuda ! if you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to the cbox or dm me on twitter, located here !!

about the owner
helloo i'm bunnie but you may also call me morgana! i'm the co-owner of this resource crd~ i use they/it pronouns & ona jeżeli rozmawiasz po polsku! my twitter, instagram and discord dms are always open, and i try to be as active as i can on the cbox if you have any questions!! my current personal active carrd can be found here, or you may read my rentry for an easier to read!

text codes

maskgradientwobblybubblepopfloatglowshakemarquee/movingblinkingtiltingnews-ticker / with pixelrubbercurvepopup (teaclub)blur on hoverglitchtooltipgradient stroketriple outline color changing flickertext/link float on hover


double borderno borderlace bordersolid borderrounded edgesskewedchange bgimg/gif bgbow borderdashed borderw/ buttonblur shake to revealheart hoverpinky heart borderstarsfolderglowcrossdoilybeadedflowerbiscuitchocolatejichuwee scrollable boxesretro7.css

music players

circlevinylminimalistfixed circle (cr ramdons)pink marqueejumping imagepink spinning2000's mp3multiple songs mp3kill billdraggable ramdons

misc codes

custom highlight/selectionrubber band effectalert boxtyping tab titlemarquee tab titleimage clicksplosionheart cursorblurred link on hoverdifferent bg in each sectiondraggable elementscbox hoverclick sfxgirly.uwu.ai buttonsradial bg

image codes

heart maskstar maskpaper maskhello kitty mask (cr cakepop crd)nene's mask batch 1nene's mask batch 2fog maskblurredshakepopspintwitchjerkdesaturateblur + zoom insaturatedraggableblur on hover


uneven borderblack laceheart lacebeige(?) lacewhite lacerainbowinsetoutsetdoublemultiple drop shadows


bubblessnowheartstarsfireworksrainbowsnowflakesrainbutterfly img fallradial gradienttv set filterdifferent bg in each section ✧ [vhs overlay]((https://web.archive.org/web/20220124071638/https://lolcow.crd.co/#vhs) ✧ falling sakura leavesblobs in a jar w/ symbol change

css framework



dropdown 1blur menusdropdown menu 2 | gina.crd.cohorizontal scrollhover menutab menuside tabshover infoimg menuhover heart cr cakepop crdishimori's update logheart flipestrellita menu

pixels / imgs








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