update log !

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jan 21 2022 new layout !!! also please give a warm welcome to bunnie our new admin !! <33
jan 8 2022 more graphics !!!! woooooooo :D happy new year everyone
dec 16 2021 new layout! | added cbox, some tutorials, (misc) graphics, & fonts !!
dec 4 2021 tysm everyone for 300+ visits !! added some new graphics & fonts! <3
nov 27 2021 carrd is published !! enjoy the codes <3 expect some more graphics, fonts, & tutorials soon

meet the admins !
about inés!

hii im inés or xochitl ^^ i am the creator/co-owner of this resource crd! i use love/he prns, please try to refrain from using they/them thx !! if you have any questions/concerns (outside of coding/carrding) please direct them to my twt or discord, available here i also speak spanish


dgs hiding mana

about bunnie!

hello im bunnie but you may also call me morgana, and im the co-owner of this resource crd!! i use they/it+ prns ^__^ feel free to shoot me a dm to my twitter, instagram or my discord (bunnie#7777) at any time if you have any questions ♡! my crd is available here

my crds: fnf.crd.co | pretty.crd.co | inumaki.crd.co | p4g.crd.co (WIP!)






blinkies & buttons

text codes !
image codes !


uneven borderblack laceheart lacebeige(?) lacewhite lacerainbowinsetoutsetdoublemultiple drop shadowsstroke






desaturateheart maskblur + zoom insaturate

scrollboxes !
music players !
backgrounds !


misc codes !
fonts !

ask some questions here! we will try to respond asap :) if you'd like a carrd added, please link it/tell us here! please remember to be respectful to others in the cbox, and feel free to help eachother out when the admins aren't online!

text below/above img

PRO STANDARD: paste in embed; <style> + </style>
PRO PLUS: paste in text box > settings > style


negative numbers are best for above image

img ontop of page

(click on image to zoom in)
> set your bg image (make sure it's transparent!)
> set position to top + tile to horizontal
> play around with transparency color + (custom) size to your liking!

pixel/gif next to text

only works if your text is in embed!
> pick a pixel + copy the link of that pixel
> add <img src=“image link here”> anywhere next to your text
> replace “image link here” with the link you copied !

example :
<div id="grad2">gardenia <img src="https://gardenia.ju.mp/assets/images/gallery02/4f80fbbb.gif?v=d800e8bf"></div>

plain link text

also works with bg codes!
> copy this code + paste it into an embed
> find an html entity code/emoticon(s) of your choice. you can find some here & here
> find where it say "CharCode (9829)" (there are 3 of them) & replace "(9829)" with the code of your choice ☆ is 9734

change symbol of heart cursor

in carrd settings

add your text > click on the paintbrush > scroll to link style (under alignment!), press it and select plain

in embed/code

#tag a:link , a:visited{
text-decoration: none;
color: #text color;

blurred text links

PRO STANDARD: copy this code
PRO PLUS: copy this code:
a:hover, a:active {
transition: 0.5s;
webkit-filter: blur(1px);
filter: blur(1px);
> add it into an embed element & adjust to your liking!
end result:

I. II.
rotating elements

transform: rotate(5deg);
add it to your embed or text settings, & adjust to your likings !

line breaks in embed text

add <br> </br> in between your text or add <p></p> after it !

centered/aligned text

1) margin: auto; OR
2) text-align: center/left/right;
adjust to your liking :)

scrolling imgs

> copy <marquee behavior="scroll"
direction="left"><img src="image.link.here" width="95" height="95" alt="image1"
> insert your image links
> change the alt description to whatever you want
> at the very end of the entire code, add /></marquee>

embed img link

add <a href="your link here"> before & </a after your image link
<a href="https://gardenia.ju.mp/"><img src="https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/858977476905664522/934145096004280340/1000.png"></a>